A metal structure is a great option for any kind of industrial building because it costs less to build than a traditional construction (stone, bricks and mortar, wood). This is largely thanks to the speed with which pre-fabricated metal components can be assembled, thereby greatly reducing the labour costs involved in construction. At the same time, metal buildings offer equivalent or even superior quality and functionality because metal is more durable, requires less maintenance, and resists fire, the elements and insects and other pests better than traditional construction.

For more than 15 years, M44 Metal Buildings has been in the business of creating the safest and most structurally-sound metal buildings available for all kinds of applications, including industrial uses such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, trucking terminals, etc. We source out high-quality pre-fabricated metal components from suppliers in Canada and the United States and our highly-trained crews assemble them on-site according to our customers’ specifications. Our team of consultants can help you design the perfect industrial building to meet your needs that will be cost-effective, so contact us today.

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