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maynardMaynard Reimer

Maynard has been in construction for over 30 years, specializing in Pre-Engineered buildings for the last 10. His experience in the many areas of construction give him the tools to help you through your building process from start to finish. His passion to design and deliver a high quality and efficient building is noticed in every project. He wants you to have an enjoyable experience throughout the whole construction project.

Jason Mikaloff

Jason has extensive knowledge in the Pre Engineered Metal Building Industry. With over 25 years experience helping customers design build a Pre Engineered Metal Building for the Project. Jason brings ability and innovation to your project for long standing quality assurance.

Greg MacDonald

Greg provides I.T. support,  maintains our web presence, provides search engine optimization and social media services.  Greg is a multidisciplinary designer with 25 years experience.  He has helped building and development companies, entertainment projects, and SME clients grow their businesses by providing branding, web, multimedia and internet marketing.  Greg can be contacted through his website at www.morpheus-studios.com.

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