M44 Building Company understands that recreational buildings of the type used for indoor swimming pools, community centres, gymnasiums, dance halls, tennis courts, soccer pitches, skating rinks, etc. can be quite tricky to design and build. This is because of the need to accommodate huge interior spaces with very high ceilings, and that are typically unobstructed by posts and beams. Not only does this make construction quite complex, but also, it can really drive up construction costs, especially when traditional materials, such as bricks and mortar and wood, are used. This is therefore one of the areas where metal buildings drastically outperform traditional constructions. Metal buildings can be assembled quickly and relatively easily, particularly when built from pre-fabricated components, which reduces the labor costs associated with construction. They are perfectly suited to creating large, wide-open floor plans and they are extremely strong and resistant to the elements, to fire and to insects and other pests, making them safe and very low-maintenance.

M44 Building Company has more than 15 years of experience designing and delivering recreational buildings. We source the best-quality pre-fabricated metal components and employ highly-trained crews to assemble them. Our consultants are knowledgeable and can help you design the perfect building for your recreational needs in the most cost-effective way possible, without the slightest compromise in quality and functionality – your building will be built to code and provide the utmost safety for all its users for years to come. We can also help you create an attractive and comfortable space by incorporating all kinds of extras, such as proper insulation, sound-proofing, diverse door and window options, exterior finishes, etc. that people will enjoy using for years and years. Contact us today to discuss the creation of the perfect recreational building for your needs.

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