In the grand prairies of North America, acreage is easy to come by, but building a ready-to-assemble metal shop building is not.

Building a new metal shop building can be intimidating…

That’s why M44 Building Company provides all your metal shop building needs, including:

  • Automotive workshops
  • Auto Repair Shop Buildings
  • Residential Garages
  • Residential workshops
  • Backyard sheds
  • All-purpose body workshops
  • Warehouses with attached workshops
  • Multi-purpose home garages

For many, this means hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and a great amount of uncertainty.

We know. That’s why M44 Building Company offers consumer conscious, pre-engineered steel building kits that are ordered, prepared, and constructed in a ready-to-go fashion based on your budget and need.

Why choose one of our pre-fabricated metal shop buildings?

  • M44 Buildings are durable. Our steel building kits are made of durable, pre-fabricated steel, so you can protect your articles, including valuables such as cars, motorcycles, recreational & manufacturing equipment, etc. from the elements.
  • M44 Buildings give you the protection you need. Our metal shop buildings offer excellent protection against fire and theft, and are highly resilient to infestations by insects and other pests.
  • M44 Buildings are affordable. Our steel building kits are made from pre-fabricated metal components, and can be assembled quickly, making them very economical (i.e. an excellent value for money).
  • M44 Buildings fight against condensation. Our team provides options that can prevent metal buildings from “sweat”, i.e. the effect of condensation, depending on season and climate.

steel frame industrial building

What are the special benefits of purchasing a M44 metal shop building?

  • M44 Buildings include “Faced Metal Building Blanket Insulation” by Silvercote. This reduces energy costs, helps control condensation, improves noise control, and provides enhanced light reflectance.
  • M44 Buildings are built to your exact specifications. If we can’t fit into your space, then we’re not doing our job.

At M44 Building Company, we have 15 years of experience assembling structurally sound and secure metal buildings of all types, including workshops and garages. Our consultants will take your storage and/or workshop needs as well as your budget into account, and help you to come up with the right design for you at the right price.

Also, no more hassle with coordinating multiple people to complete your project, at triple the expense…

  • Working with M44 Building Company means no hassle when it comes to completing your project. We supply, fiberglass, extra insulation, metal building parts, erection crews, and more for those who ask.

Who are our steel building kit suppliers?

Your garage or workshop will be built from high-quality pre-fabricated components sourced from Canadian and American suppliers and assembled on-site by a highly trained crew (provided by M44 Building Company should you insist).

Contact us today and we’ll help you create your ultimate workshop, garage, warehouse, or toy-filled man-cave. All you have to do is fill out the form below.

Don’t forget to ask about our overhanging’s, mezzanine options, and door and window frames.

And remember…all direction is in your hands…

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