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One of the most important advances we have seen in the building construction industry is the introduction of the standing seam metal roof.  Since its introduction, this system has been incorporated into virtually all metal buildings and many traditional structures due to its long lifespan and aesthetic appeal.  It can withstand extreme weather including high winds, heavy snow, hailstorms, and wildfires, making it the “go to” product for high risk areas.

Each metal roof provides a weathertight seal and is performance rated for expansion and contraction.  As a result, the standing seam metal roof meets your needs for durable, long-term protection against virtually any type of weather.  Billions of square feet of standing seam metal roofing are installed annually, underscoring the system’s popularity and performance.  Used for both new roofs and re-roofing, studies confirm that standing seam metal roofs are among the most cost-effective roofing systems available today.

Specifications of the Metal Profile

Metal roofing has an exceptional track record in new construction, and is used in about two-thirds of the low-rise commercial and industrial buildings. The system is lightweight (about 1-1/2 lbs. per square foot) and has characteristics only available with a metal roof solution.

With interlocking seams, a standing seam roof can cover a building with minimal penetration by structural fasteners.  Weather-tight seams are raised above a roof’s drainage plane and serve as a water barrier.  Special sealants are factory-applied inside the seams during roll forming of the roof panels for increased protection from seepage.  Automatic field seaming machines produce weather-tight connections between the metal roof panels.

Main Uses

Metal roofing provides pathways for drainage of rain, snow, and solves ponded water problems as well as leaks and related challenges sometimes associated with flat roof systems. The panels also provide a respected retrofit option for built-up and single-ply roof systems. Since the metal panels may be installed directly over an existing roof, this option eliminates costly and time-consuming tear-offs and product disposal.

Metal roof panels resist corrosion with the application of a zinc, aluminum, or aluminum-zinc alloy metallic coating applied to the base steel.  Additional protection is achieved with attractive, specially pigmented fluoropolymer paints that harmonize the roof with conventional brick, concrete and wood sidewall materials, and other design elements used on the building exterior.

Solar Panels

Metal roofing provides a logical substrate for crystalline/silicon solar arrays. Racks are easily installed on a standing seam metal roof with the fasteners hidden underneath the roof panels and locked directly onto the standing seams.

With the expected service life of a metal roof, recently shown to be 60+ years, it is a better match than other products to the service life of the solar panels.

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